WSJ on ObamaCare

1st Aug 2016

“Wrong About ObamaCare”

Dr. Bob Kocher admits he was wrong about an important part of ObamaCare.

When Dr. Bob Kocher hired as a healthcare advisor on President Obama’s White House team, he was the only physician on the National Economic Council. Dr. Kocher was devoted to producing the best reform to expand coverage, improve quality and bring down costs. The team worked for months to pass the landmark legislation of ObamaCare.

Years later, Dr. Kocher admits the change in the delivery of health care has changed and not for the better.

“I joined my White House health-care colleagues-Ezekiel Emanual and Nancy-Ann DeParle-in writing a medical journal article arguing that “these reforms will unleash forces that favor integration across continuum of care,” said Kocher. “Over the past five years, published research, some of it well summarized on a Harvard Medical School site, has indicated that savings and quality improvement are generated much more often by independent primary-care doctors than by large hospital-centric health systems.”

“Small, independent practices know their patients better than any large health system ever can. They are going up against the incumbent and thus are driven to innovate. These small businesses can learn faster without holding weeks of committee discussions and without permission from finance, legal and IT departments to make a change.”

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